Nutrition Approach

Jackie’s nutrition approach focuses on maximizing nutrient dense foods in one’s diet. When you eat more nutrient dense foods, your body gets the nourishment it needs so that cravings and hunger can go down naturally. Whether its through swapping foods or a complete revamping of one’s diet, Jackie will go through a thorough review of what unique nutritional needs and concerns each individual has and creates a custom plan to optimize nutrition and health.

Jackie firmly believes in the power of food to heal and have a positive impact on life. Understanding how nutrient dense foods provide cellular nourishment to your every cell will enlighten you to not only eat healthier but understand the why and mechanisms of what eating healthy does for you. Growing in a Mediterranean household, Jackie remembers how her grandmother used food as medicine- garlic for the flu, lemon for a cold and berries for cramps. Jackie still believes food is medicine and hopes that wherever you are in your health, that you will together find how good food will make your body healthier and you life better using latest nutrition research and evidence.